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Automate Team Training & Onboarding With Simple, Screen-Recorded Content

Oneboarder records your screen while you complete daily tasks and packages it into repeatable training for your team.

  1. Name the process you want to document
  2. Record your screen and show how it’s done
  3. Attach descriptions, links & downloads
  4. Add it to your onboarding flow(s)

or watch the demo

Record Your Screen and Talk Through Your Workflow

This is the fastest way to teach & the easiest way for staff to learn. Let the experts in your team quickly record “how it’s done” so the rest of the team can refer back any time.

If anything is unclear, staff can add a question to a specific timestamp of the video where the rest of the team can answer.

Document Fast

Free up time spent on extensive, formal documentation that becomes obsolete in months.

Always Up To Date

Build an interactive, living, breathing source of knowledge for your team.

Create Onboarding Flows for Specific Job Roles

As you build a centralised library of processes, you can drag and drop relevant items into automated onboarding flows for specific roles.

Then, just add new users and let them onboard themselves at their own pace.

Keep Your Whole Team on the Same Page

You constantly need to update your business processes as your business evolves. Oneboarder allows you to update how things should be done fast.

This ensures everyone in your team (not just new employees) knows exactly how to do things – even if it’s their first time.

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